To Tell the Truth


In the 1960’s, I enjoyed watching a TV game show called “To Tell the Truth.” Four celebrity panelists were presented with three contestants and had to identify which was the one whose unusual occupation or experience was previously announced by the show’s host. The two imposters could lie, but the real one had to tell the truth. At the end, after the panelists voted, the moderator said, “Will the real [person] please stand up?”

Sometimes I feel like all three contestants rolled into one. Who am I? Will the real Beth please stand up? Do I trust God enough to be worthy of His eternal love? Is my faith weak today, strong tomorrow, weak again as the winds of this earth seem to want to dictate?

Am I telling you, my friends, the truth when I say I love God more than I love my morning coffee in peace and joy with my cats purring and a book in my hands? The truth is, my vision of heaven is playing pinochle with my parents and watching football games where both teams win yet the game remains suspenseful just the same.

Abraham trusted God, and his faith was strong. Sometimes. Even so, I’m a little jealous of Abraham. He knew where to go, what to do in those “sometimes.” I want those times too. Why hasn’t God tapped me on the shoulder, given me confidence, courage, and backbone, however jellylike, to do the things I need his help to do? What did Abraham have that I don’t?

What is it that I have that Abraham didn’t? I have Christ, through whom I can know God’s promises and His oath to me. He blesses me, and He does not lie. I want to bless Him back by being more than I am. To tell you the truth, my friends, I want to stand up and walk away from the game that Satan has had me playing off and on, off and on. Standing on the promises of God can only hurt for a moment.