Charter School Connection


In the wake of the Camp Fire, we have seen that with wide spread devastation comes a wide range of opportunities to serve others.

In the week following the outbreak of the fire, Pastor Matt and I began talking with representatives from Paradise Charter Middle School who were looking for a place to settle until they could get back up to their building which survived the fire. They were just one of several charter schools that found themselves without a school home.

All these schools began working together to help each other find places to relocate. As it turned out Paradise Charter Middle School was too large to be a good fit with us, but we ended up being a great fit for Home Tech Charter School.

We are happy to announce that the elders have approved leasing our building Monday through Friday to Home Tech.

Principal Mike Ervin and his team of teachers have been getting a game plan going this previous week for classes that will start tomorrow morning!

We are so grateful that we are able to help out the Paradise community in this way. Home Tech will be using the building Monday through Friday from 8 to 4. If you notice that a couple of things look different from last week, please be patient with the transition.