Wilderness Wandering


By Heath Jarrett

After a hundred miles of winding tarmac and a couple miles of dust and rock underfoot, we were finally in the wild. Which, to this generation, simply means a place without 4G.

“Wilderness” in the Bible always stoked images of mountains, forests, and solitude for me. Then I learned about the geography of Israel. That's not the picture Scripture paints. Those were desolate and dangerous places. But they were also full of lessons.

Sometimes we have to leave the comforts of Egypt to figure out what God is teaching us.
And not all wilderness wanderings end with

Around a campfire in an amphitheater of granite, four of our Living Hope young men and I considered how everything was created by Christ and for him (Col 1:16). We talked about the reconciliation that comes through his cross (1:20–22). And how that message is something we can't stay silent about (1:23). This is a story to share.  


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