We're looking forward to your visit! Here at Living Hope, young families are always welcome. Sunday mornings, we have nursery service, a class for toddlers, and offer age-graded teaching for kids 4 years old through 2nd grade.

We delight to have kids of all ages in the main worship service as well. 4 year olds through 2nd graders are dismissed for Children's Church after we all sing together. This helps train them how to be in the main service as well as giving them gospel content directed for their young hearts.

We can't save your kids but we can saturate them in the gospel which can. Every week, we pray for the kids we teach and relate each lesson to Christ. Unfortunately, the Old Testament has  often been taught as history or moralism. It's actually gospel. It's full of Christ and that's our mission: to wash kids in the Christ-centered truth of the Bible.

We want training to transition from the classroom into action by joining adults in ministry with children as sidekicks.

This calls for a hands-on approach to (1) teaching children gospel truth while (2) building relationships across generations and (3) engaging them in service.

I'm the father of 3 kids under 5. I know life is busy and downright exhausting for parents. We're here to help you, encourage you, connect you with community and give you some time to engage with the sermon.

Let me know how I can help,

Pastor Heath


Your child's safety is a top concern. All staff working with youth and children are thoroughly screened and go through a background check before serving.

Staff are trained in best practices regarding serving with kids including facility safety, detecting signs of abuse and maintaining proper boundaries with kids.

Our doors are always open. We want you to feel comfortable to drop in or hang out for a class to see what your kids are learning.


+ If you have any questions, feel free to contact pastor Heath Jarrett at hjarrett@livinghopechico.com.