Living Hope Fellowship


Our Church's History


Immigrant Roots

We are part of the Charis Fellowship, an international movement of autonomous, Bible-teaching churches that focus on the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Its history goes back to one of the earliest immigrant church associations in America, the Grace Brethren movement. The first Brethren churches in this country were founded in Pennsylvania in the 1720s. Today, 90% of our churches are outside of the U.S. The new name of this movement, Charis, is the New Testament Greek word for grace.

Local History

Living Hope Fellowship is the new name for a Chico ministry that is almost 70 years old. We were established as a Grace Brethren church in 1949. First, we met in a home, then in a recreation center on Pine Street. We erected our first building at 5th Avenue and Arbutus in 1950, using an army barracks that had been moved from Chico airport. After much growth in the 1990s, we moved to our current location on Panama Avenue.

In 2011, we reorganized for a new season of ministry. With Pastor Matt Raley, many believers from around the region came together to build a church life that would be different. We focused on the essentials: Jesus Christ, the Bible, and community. Simple.

Hopeful Future

Today, we are amazed at what God has done. We have more than tripled in attendance. Lives are changing. Diverse people are worshiping the same Lord together. We renamed our church to what we have experienced: a living hope.

We hope you will join us! There is much more to come!